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How to Prepare your home for Inspection

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Announcing: The Comprehensive Guide to Preparing your Home for Inspection

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About the Book

The inspection process is daunting for anyone trying to sell his or her home. An inexperienced seller can easily fall prey to the many pitfalls, unwanted surprises, and costly realizations that may await. If an inspection happens to go awry, you may just find yourself with a home valued at thousands less than what you expected and not a perspective buyer in sight. It takes one with experience and insider knowledge to safely navigate and prepare for the inspection process, so that you don't become a victim of what it may have in store. That's where I come in. 

What's in the book?

In this ebook, I give to you the culmination of my eleven plus years of home selling experience. You will find a comprehensive guide, filled with everything that you will need to know to prepare for your home inspection. Covering everything from heating and air to pools, porches, and patios, this ebook has gathered nearly every eventuality that may present itself in the inspection. Not only is it a complete list of problems, but I also coach you on how to fix each one of them, so that you can go into your inspection with confidence that no surprises will pop up and that your home will be priced for maximum value.

what else do i get?

With the purchase of this ebook, you will also receive access to my personal phone number that you can use to consult me on any questions you may have about your home inspection process. In addition to that, if you require it, I will provide you with my personal recommendation for a realtor in your area to sell your home. I have faith and confidence that he or she will be as knowledgeable as I about the inspection process, and that he or she will do an exceptional job selling your home.

In Conclusion...

The value that a smooth inspection will add to your home can potentially save you thousands of dollars, weeks of time, and a massive headache. But the good news is that this ebook and everything else will only cost you $19.99, practically nothing compared to the ease that a hassle free inspection is worth. Do yourself a favor and buy this book!


MY Guarantee

We want our customers to be satisfied with the product that we have provided. So that is why if after purchasing this book, you feel that you have not gained anything of value that would help in your home inspection, you are free to return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

About Me

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My name is Gregg Tepper

I have been a real estate agent for over eleven years, and in that time I truly have seen it all. I have sold thousands of home in all ranges of conditions, so I know what it takes to pass any home's inspection. But, more importantly and aside from real estate, I'm a father of three and a husband of 21 years. 

Contact me at for any questions regarding the ebook itself.